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About Us - R.E.A.D. Your House

The cutting-edge research & protocol of Fortune Symbology Research Centre offers you the advanced American R.E.A.D. Scanning and mapping of your house with Negative and Positive Energies found in it.

The Ability of the House to harness the Positive Energy is then studied in details about how can we get our sparkling Love Life back, Boost the Business, Regain Health and clear Bad Debts.

Fortune Symbols are then placed at the Negative Zones of the house and thus the stimulation of the Positive Energy starts soon in the house, accelerating your chances to success.

The age of light is coming

Introducing the powerful Fortune Symbology Techniques, a science-backed approach to living a positive life. Grounded with extensive research and case-studies, the power of Fortune Symbology gives you the tools and solutions to help alleviate anxiety and depression caused due to unhappy relationships, midlife crises, unstable businesses, poor health, bad debts etc., by eliminating the negativity from your house.

“By scanning your house, with American Realtime Energy Anatomize Device. The renowned Fortune Symbology Experts helps you break through such life problems of love, money, business, education and health by inviting flow of positive energy in house,” says Professor Sanyukta Shah who got her house scanned through R.E.A.D. and eliminated negative energies.

Eradicate Negative Energies

Unleash the Power of Fortune Symbology by eradicating the Negative Energies from your House, Office, Shop, Factory, Plot, etc. High Precision American R.E.A.D. Scanning will tell you how much are you exposed to the threats of Negative Energies at your home and workplace. Now no matter how hopeless you are, the groundbreaking Fortune Symbology unlocks the secrets and treasures of Positive Energy Stimulation. Using the evidence drawn from years of scientific spiritual research, Fortune Symbology Research Centre lays out personalized simple easy-to-do steps you can take to propel your romantic life, business and health.

Save Lakhs of Rupees

Kick your Financial Life into high gear and jumpstart your career with comprehensive application of Fortune Symbology. Fortune Symbology Research Centre unveils the cutting-edge phimatrix spiritual science in an easy application of Fortune Symbols that can be placed immediately without altering, renovating or breaking the house or work place which will also help you save Lakhs of Rupees spent on alterations. Just R.E.A.D. your house and apply Fortune Symbols at Negative zones.

Our Happy Clients

"I had lots of Business trouble which later resulted into family feud. If I solved one problem, immediately another problem popped up. There where no end to troubles in my life. Loans and other bad debts where piling up faster than ever. In such situation I consulted Fortune Symbology Research Center to solve so many different issues in my life. There Experts checked my house and eliminated the negative energies once and for all. Now due to Fortune Symbology all my issues got resolved and I am leading a great lifestyle. I am out of bad debts and my Family feud is finally over. "

"I have a mobile shop in Bhandup (Mumbai). Stiff competition was bringing my business in losses. After Fortune Symbology experts checked my house and shop they rectified and made Energy Corrections to my property. Since then my shop is constantly crowded with customers and now I am not even getting time to getup from my lucky cash counter provided by Fortune Symbology Experts to me."

"I did business of Medical Supplies but was not satisfied with result I got according to the effort I put in work. Also I suffered from health issues. I consulted Fortune Symbology Experts. They checked my house for negativity through American Realtime Energy Anatomize Device (R.E.A.D.). They immediately cured my house from Negative Vibes and now my business is thumping, thriving & achieving new heights. My health also got much betters from all these as the stress got reduced."