Why They Love Us

I am leading a great lifestyle

Mrs. Bhavna Panchal I had lots of Business trouble which later resulted into family feud. If I solved one problem, immediately another problem popped up. There where no end to troubles in my life. Loans and other bad debts where piling up faster than ever. In such situation I consulted Fortune Symbology Research Center to solve so many different issues in my life. Their Experts checked my house and eliminated the negative energies once and for all. Now due to Fortune Symbology all my issues got resolved and I am leading a great lifestyle. I am out of bad debts and my Family feud is finally over.

Mrs. Bhavna Panchal

Businesswoman & Housewife (Mira Road Thane)

My health also got better

Mr. Ugamraj Kothari. (Kandivili) I did business of Medical Supplies but was not satisfied with result I got according to the effort I put in the work. Also I suffered from health issues. I consulted Fortune Symbology Experts. They checked my house for negativity through American Realtime Energy Anatomize Device (R.E.A.D.). They immediately cured my house from Negative Vibes and now my business is thumping, thriving & achieving new heights. My health also got much better from all these as the stress got reduced.

Mr. Ugamraj Kothari. (Kandivili)

Corporate Business Owners (Kandivili, Mumbai)

My life took 360 turn

Sanyukta Shah After doing Fortune Symbology in my house, My life took 360 degrees turn & my money problems got resolved instantly.

Sanyukta Shah

Professor (Thane)

My marriage life has improved

Mrs Alka Khondulkar They came, they saw and removed the negative energies from my house. Since the day I have done Fortune Symbology in my house my Marriage Life has improved fantastically.

Mrs Alka Khondulkar

Housewife (Kalyan, Thane).

Lucky cash counter

Mr. Prakash Purohit I have a mobile shop in Bhandup (Mumbai). Stiff competition was bringing my business in losses. After Fortune Symbology experts checked my house and shop they rectified and made Energy Corrections to my property. Since then my shop is constantly crowded with customers and now I am not even getting time to getup from my lucky cash counter provided by Fortune Symbology Experts to me.

Mr. Prakash Purohit

Shop Owner (Bhandup, Mumbai)

My property got sold

Mr. Pinakin Dave Mr. Pinakin Dave There where lots of Business Hurdles coming in my way. My Property was not getting sold. However, after doing Fortune Symbology in my house I prospered and my property too got sold swiftly. Without Fortune Symbology I would have still been in lots of trouble today.

Mr. Pinakin Dave

Realtor ( Kandivali, Mumbai )

My family realionship also improved

Shri Prabhakar Borkar Shri Prabhakar Borkar I had lots of Financial & Family issues. After applying Fortune Symbols in my house, I got immediate relief financially and slowly my Family relationship also improved. Today I am very happy, all due to Fortune Symbology.

Shri Prabhakar Borkar

(Dombivili, Thane)